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Policial fala sobre cobrança para segurança de festa em Sigefredo Pacheco

Segundo o policial, não existe nenhuma irregularidade no ato, uma vez que a festa foi particular

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The Cape of Military Police Hagson Fernando Silva Aguiar, who heads the GPM City Sigefredo Pacheco (190 km north of Teresina), was accused of receiving, improperly, the amount of R $ 300.00 for the safety of a party in the city, held on December 26, 2015. the party was training students of the State School Jeronimo dos Santos e Silva. The officer signed a receipt for the amount received.


The In Focus spoke with Hagson on Sunday afternoon (17/01). The police confirmed the receipt and signature of receipt and explained the situation. "I signed and sign again, why there was no irregularity. The facts now disclosed involving my name are distorted from reality and does not deserve to prosper. The event did not take place at school or in the street or on the square, but in a private club with restricted public. Thus, the event is subjected to the same criteria of particular events that are charged in Sigefredo Pacheco, Campo Maior, Teresina or anywhere else, "said the policeman.


He argues that when it was sought left the organizers free to hire private security guards, police officers or military off, but he as commander of the GPM could not call police off to safety in particular location.


"To hold private parties, the organizer must pay for security costs, and could be hired private groups or civilian police or military off, paid or are volunteers. I as commander of GPM can not require police to work on particular site for free, because I have this power to scale policing particular site without charge. "


Hagson assign the complaint to people not committed to the serious work being done in the city, zeroed explosions banks, it was almost routine in the city, as well as other types of crimes. He says he is on vacation, without it having anything to do with the episode. "It's my way of working, making procedures within the law, that bothers anyone the Brazilian way. When taking local control had no procedures in progress and today there are several a month. There were two to three Bradesco bank explosions before and after I got none. Thefts and burglaries zeroed, "complete the Cape.


The complaint goes beyond party case and says that the Cape would be using the security in favor of the mayor, seizing motorcycles of people who are not allied to the manager. "I challenge anyone to prove that the police have seized bikes choosing side A or B. The criterion used is the rider breaking the law. We have numerous procedures against persons and not ask who to vote if side A or B. It is to have people in the town used to the Brazilian way and interfere with police work and with me not working "full Hagson.


The In Focus also talked with the Director of the State School Jeronimo dos Santos e Silva, professor Fabiano. He said he was at the party and was one of the people who came into contact with the police for the safety of the event, but that the complaint did not come from school, not him.


"I've done several offices for the police to round beside the school, lectures, security at our events and have always been met. I have nothing to say about him. This time I did the same procedure as the previous times and he made two demands to release the event: A license, which is taken from the docket on the Internet; and R $ 300,00 for security. Ask him to sign the receipt, that also need to pay bills and so happened. The ceremony began at 19 hours and he arrived with another officer about 23 hours, went out and returned with the end of the graduation "said Fabiano.


About who would have made the complaint and how the receipt was to stop the Internet, Fabiano said he was in the town of Altos and asked the party committee from printing the receipt and take to the police sign. "Neither the school nor I, as a manager, made the complaint. In internal affairs [that would be filed the complaint] is easy to know who did. We have had other activities and never had a request for him not to come. I just questioned why the other times have not been charged and he argued that this event was not in school, he was in private club and would have to make this collection. If the requirement was for him, I could not hold a party on behalf of 300 reais. If it is correct, cool, it is not for me to judge. I think until the problem has gained an unnecessary dimension "said Professor


We also try to talk to the mayor Oscar flag, which had the name involved by the complainant that "hits the breasts and does not accept another officer to command the GPM and if necessary go to the governor Wellington Dias and rips the mayor's degree."


Oscar was in the countryside, but a spokesperson for the mayor said that is not his style floor "crying" phrases of this type. "Oscar has always respected the autonomy of powers and never interfered in police actions, as was common in the city, where the mayor would send catch and release people. He recognizes that the Hagson Cable has done an excellent job in the city and it is on vacation, having no impediment on his return. That complaint, allegedly made in police Internal Affairs Military, is purely political in nature, since the event took place in a private club and not in a public place. But if understanding the Magistrate that he be replaced, which reaffirms the city's partnership with the Military Police for public order in the city, "the statement said.


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