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Os políticos bons da vez, são uma mar de hipocrisia querendo colocar a mão em dinheiro fácil

F. Roytman faz uma balança na corrida política em campo Maior e conta cada uma... E quem só fala mal de Campo Maior, mas ganha seu pão aqui? Ela fala também.


Não..agora everyone is sociologist, scientist política..só forget they are living as ever, the largest state of hypocrisy in their lives ... because everyone now gets the stick on who is in power, we know that even It is opposed to the PT and now points and either hit ... I stole and enricou..colocou to her maid along with brothers and their spouses to receive the help of the family purse and with the greatest chutzpah to be just right now ... appears only honest agora..são good to govern ... but go behind to see .. the good of time are now candidates, who play in a sea of ​​hypocrisy, trying to survive in order to put a hand on easy money, who ta reading now know who to falando.E know what became fashionable ...? take sides and representation of others ... but the only goal is to gain power to negotiate vote and put his hand on the money, would not work ... or will be only know how to do in life ... demagoguery?

***** NO TA Like it ..

Still have people out there who scolds and ends our city ... saying that here is no good to live ..who have it or aquilo..o funnier than this boy, who is well-regarded by thanks to this city that provides, fills the belly is here ... you earn easy money here and run to spend in Teresina ... but all this performance is only because he wants anyway to project the political world ... but it's so mesmo..prato eaten it is forgotten dish ... but nothing than a day after another ..


Who has not see the new Special Touch the delights of space ...'re leaving to taste verdeiras delights and vip service created to fill the eyes of the local society ... True delights that play to provide their customers a varied menu and full of attractions that value local cuisine and still nurtured society to participate dynamics as customer loyalty and free wi fi zone ... as novelty cake in the pot and snacks in the glass, make the profile of a new space in terrinha ..sem say that the quality of life and service is the keynote of the place ... did you know that the snacks are made with hydrogenated fat .. ?? go there and check it out .. worth ..


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Funny Muio ... put their pau..falaram mal..berraram ..pra take the park Valdir Fortes space because it did not work and blah blah blá..e looks around ... the square ta linda..o park they have provided recreational opportunities for young people, thus preventing even go whoring or use drugs for lack of leisure options ... beautiful people and the square was pretty busy .. bringeth leisure and entertainment park not to mention to employment generated .. you know what it is not? .. are the languages ​​rag, that do and do not want to let others do ... the envy of not having talent and not have had done nothing to understand what people like and what the people need ...


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