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Com gol aos 45 min, Caiçara bate Flamengo, vence a primeira e deixa a lanterna

O torcedor do Leão do Norte esperou até aos 45 min da etapa final para ver Igor virar o jogo enfim comemorar.

It was hard, but the Caiçara managed on the afternoon of Saturday (9), Juca Strong Stadium in bars, beat Flamengo-PI, add the first points in the 2nd round, and fall, leaving the lantern Piauiense. The Northern Lion fans waited up to 45 minutes of the final stage to see Igor turn the game finally celebrate.

The match was balanced all the time. If Flamengo risked with Augustus Caiçara gave the answer with Lucas Gabriel. At 25 min after free kick Niel fox almost opened the scoring, but had the good defense of Black. However, eight minutes later, the goalkeeper could not help Geraldo goal, which received and scored. Flamengo 1-0. 

In the second half the Lion returned willing to turn the situation and continue dreaming of staying in the first division. Carlos Negretti team exchanged passes and cornered the opponent. Flamengo, in turn, has bet on counter-attacks.  

After 33 min started caiçarina reaction. Barbosa received touch the bottom line, dominated and touched the goalkeeper output. Thereafter the Lion sharpened claws and threw himself into the attack. Several were the goals lost as a result. At 45 min, Igor tried the quality of Andrei, who accepted the goal of the turn. Final: Rascal 2 x 1 Flamengo. 

The result gave the alvirrubro of Campo Maior the first three points of the 2nd round of the State. With this score the Caiçara left the flashlight, moved up two positions and reached sixth place. Flamengo have remained with the three points and ranked fifth. 

In the next round, on Wednesday (13), the Lion of the North faces Cori-Sabbá in Tiberius Nunes stadium in Floriano, the 20: h. At the same time the Flemish lock dispute in Rivengo classic in Albertão stadium. 

On Saturday other two matches moved the State. Piaui won the Parnahyba in Albertão with goals from Robinho and Testinha; Petrol Marcos did for Shark. In Scolari, in Altos, the alligator won the peaks by 2-0 with goals scored by Ricardo Maranhao and Esquerdinha. 

The fourth round concludes on Sunday with the clash between Cori-Sabbá River and in Tiberius Nunes to 16: h. 

1 - Piaui 9 points
2 - High 9 points 
3 - 6 points Parnahyba
4 - River 3 point
5 - Flamengo 3 points
6 - Rascal 3 point
7 - Cori-Sabbá 3 points 
8 - Picos 3 points

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