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Vereador diz que a oposição quer fazer palanque político de tudo em Campo Maior

Carlos Torres disse que eles são contra o parque de diversão, contra dia de lazer na barragem, contra organização do trânsito e de várias outras coisas.

Councilman Carlos Torres (PTdoB) released the verb against the opposition group headed by John Felix and the lawyer Ribamar Coelho. To the parliamentarian, the two use of space in the medium just to criticize. "They want to make political platform on top of everything and out of season," he said.

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According to the councilman, Their goal is not to supervise, Cooperate and help, but hinder. "We have an opposition that has no opinion, and only come to criticize and try to disrupt the management. At the time of Them (John Felix and Ribamar Coelho) the city was only hole, street sweepers maltreated, teachers demanding back pay with demonstrations , the city even existed a decent building, "he needled.


He highlighted the most recent criticism by the opposition against the city initiative actions. "Criticize When You put the traffic light that has Aimed to Prevent accidents and preserve life, When it is a leisure day in Surubim dam, the coming of the Amusement Park, the nucleation of schools that had the condition to work with a number poor students and poor structure Among others. He wanted to hear Their suggestions for the city evolve, "he said.


Carlos Torres, who dispute the vacant deputy mayor on the plate Teacher Ribinha defended the attitudes that the mayor has taken to organize the city and county finances. "I know of the attitude of Mayor Paulo Martins detrimental to the city. The principle raises expectations, but always brings positive results," he added.


Although separate, the information circulating in the political backstage that the division between Ribamar Coelho and John Felix is ​​faixada only. The goal is just to attack the current mayor, Paulo Martins for the group to take over the area of ​​the city. The Canadian online pharmacy dedicated to providing the best service to Their customers.

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