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Ex-prefeito João Gomes é condenado a devolver dinheiro aos cofres público

A Justiça disse que o caso afronta os princípios da legalidade, da moralidade e da eficiência.

The judge of the district Campo Maior, Julio Cesar Menezes Garcez, decided to condemn the former mayor of Sigefredo Pacheco, João Gomes in civil action for improper conduct brought by the Public Ministry. The decision is on 28 April this year.


The former mayor was sentenced to return to the city coffers the amount of R $ 12,959.00 (twelve thousand nine hundred fifty-nine reais), duly updated and default interest, payment of a fine of R $ 25,918.00 (twenty-five thousand nine hundred eighteen reais), and even had political rights suspended for eight years and ineligibility for the government for three years.


According to the complaint filed by prosecutors in August 2014, John Gomes as mayor Sigefredo Pacheco would have done the bidding waiver procedure, based on article 24, item II of Law No. 8,666 / 93, and hired Antonio da Silva Francisco son for the provision of school transport service students Municipal school in April 2009 in the amount of R $ 2,205.00 (two thousand two hundred and five reais). With the same procedure, without any kind of bidding process again in May 2009, the former mayor hired Francisco Rocha Melo, to provide the same service in the amount of R $ 5,880.00 (five thousand eight hundred and eighty reais ).


The prosecutor said the evidence showed that the municipality, in order of João Gomes, fractionated the bid to disguise the contract without proper bidding process, making it seem dispensable supposedly would be below the threshold provisions of Law No. 8666 / 93, which is $ 8000. He said that the case infringe the principles of legality, morality and efficiency.


The ministerial body also asked to be granted an injunction blocking of R $ 12,959.00 (twelve thousand nine hundred fifty-nine reais) of the former mayor accounts, which was accepted by Julius Caesar Garcez judge even in the month of August 2014.


To be named in the action, João Gomes claimed that no fractionation expenses and absence of fault, if appropriate to disfigure his behavior as erratic.


The judge also determined that it was sent to the Regional Electoral Court in order to satisfy the judgment regarding the suspension of political rights of the former mayor. It also determined that the Municipality of Sigefredo Pacheco, the State Government and the Union are officiated about the prohibition of João Gomes from contracting with the government.


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