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Jovem sofre tentativa de estupro em Castelo do Piauí

O suposto agressor a convidou a vítima para dar uma volta de moto, pois queria conhecer a cidade. A garota aceitou o convite e sofreu tentativa de estupro.

Around 22: h, Monday (25/04), an attempt to esputro was registered in the town of Castelo do Piauí.


According to the victim of MAMP initial, 18, the aggressor invited to give a motorcycle back because I wanted to know the city. The girl reported that accepted the invitation. The accused led to the exit of the city, opposite the cemetery Santo Expedito, which said they would walk in the city of São Miguel do Tapuio. She declined the invitation and the unidentified man would still have tentato raping the girl and even made him death threats.


Desperate, the girl jumped off the bike croup moving and got some bruises throughout the body. The accused returned with a knife and threatened the young man who caught wrestling with the element. She said she could get rid of the offending susposto and run for help. 


According to popular information, the girl was in shock and was fully naked. Immediately, the girl was rescued, dressed and taken to hospital, where he received the first medical and remains hospitalized. 


She told doctors that the element failed to consummate the rape. The attacker fled the PI-115, towards St Michael's Tapuio, driving a motorcycle model Honda NXR / 150 ES, 2012/2012, red in color, with OIK-9938 board, Denovo Middle-CE.


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The military police of the city of Castelo do Piauí and São Miguel do Tapuio perform due diligence in trying to catch the attacker.


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