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Acidentes em Campo Maior e WhatsApp fora do ar. Começando a semana e lendo Rotman Total

A coluna traz as principais notícias sociais, ou não, de Campo Maior


It seems that the week promete..inciamos with some traffic accidents ... WhatsApp suspended for 72 hours ... at least we can leave with some friends and get chatting looking in the eye .. because I polpe..têm people who do not have no respect and not wide celular..Na surprises that promise happen to feel great is the day of mães..todos rush to buy presents and spend all day with elas..têm to a sweet mother here in the little land using the son to blackmail married men and vice versa son .. and the worst is that the Danadinho is smaller than most already know all the homework ... also ..filho of peixe..ou best son piranha né You know what I mean.



People Vava Ribeiro comes to Campo Maior ... is not every day that you have the privilege of having a program so full of talent, beautiful people, good tables .. so is the scene of concerts of this great artist. The Special Touch ... as always, the scene of major events and the date is scheduled for May 7 .. contacts for reservations 99 494 1601 ... and we ..têm more ... the tables are limited. ..a great leisure options in a slim and sophisticated atmosphere ...


***** FOR THERE ZEM ...

Our Jose Maria manager, Claudino Group, read: Paraíba Campo Maior ... is enjoying holiday with family .. indeed deserved vacation because work does not lack and when the company is always synonymous with success ... ouch is not for the same .. is the way Joe Sixpack being, ensures whole dynamic of good service .. type feel at home .. good holiday for our success manager anywhere .. and who ta assuming the folder is also the talented German, which ensures the quality and good service. Congratulations to the group .. successful family is so ..todos shine.



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People ... every day Eugenio Academy shows why and came to what it has ... a modern building, very well equipped, talented and skilled professionals, strict medical monitoring and care primarily with traumatized and is idosos..Gente all .. and not to mention the beautiful people, planned space. And ta one arrazo ... and do not think that there is a place only for those who have money ... not the contrary is made space and thought to larger field ... which focuses there is health and not figures .. .and look that Helderlene Eugenio businesswoman does not play when the subject requires health, quality and good service ..the example .. is the name in the market for years, making it one of the most successful odontologist this estado..Adoroooo. ..and of course .. she is a great woman sucesso..parabéns.


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