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Jovens empreendedores, curiosos em entrada de moteis e pre-candidata alegando presente...

A coluna do F. Roytman desta semana ficou sensacional. Tem as notícias sociais de Campo Maior e alfinetada inteligentes que só ele sabe dá.

***** FORCA YOUNG ..

The competitive market increasingly demanding, has shown great talent in the land of the carnauba palm. R. Almeida Real Estate a company formed by young talents on the competent mastery Renato Filho has been able to provide back the needs of this market and still carries the dream of p'ro'ria home of many people, simply make an appointment and take one coffee making a tip early foot to obtain quality, safety and responsibility in the projects. Congratulations to the whole team.



For those who are a fan of a good naked will have the opportunity to watch in the field of caiçara a match which at least will give the talk between stars of the Brazilian team and friends of the mayor Paulo Martins, a dispute that not only will move the city as the "Contest", if we can say so we will be revealed dormant talent or not agree more. I just want to see the sports secretary and culture Radmarques Mayor Paulo martins and even the teacher Ribinha do Gol. Place your bets this game marked the 16 pm this Saturday at 30 Caiçara field. the team of the mayor Paulo martins reportedly bet on hiring over there sensationally ruled Wellington Dias, who exchanged the Palito by shorts and football boots and flip a brand Goals in friend Paulo Martins team.




It was just what I needed, now when it parades through the City or at any point, we are forced to accept ugly of marrentos goats guy like you condemn us for we choose the other party that is not theirs, especially when one of these goats is the central corral. Please respect me and do not lose your head because if I spread myself no one joins me, and look ... you know it as well as you know that I have many bad secrets ready to be revealed. There is not.



People lottery certain point every passing day surprende the Campomaiorense society in their provision of service, mainly because the point is right when you need payroll loans or open an account, you can do this at other points can but without shadow of doubt with safety and good care of this I doubt it. I want to congratulate the entrepreneur Cesar Garcia by entrepreneurial vision and success that is to some extent gallery.



Many things need to be said and some people learn to accept and thus try to change what has to be changed showing that humility to accept their mistakes will make these people an individual growing. Imagine you that I was amazed to see a deplorable scene of a pre-candidate during an approach at the center of Campo Maior, when asked the same votes and claimed a bath for a child who had given this woman who asked him? She said besides trying to humiliate to the voter who only gave why he had now turned fashion people keep asking. The worst I besides witnessing the scene, I found that the pre-candidate was an old goat in despair easy life yet mediates both ridiculous and she played.



In my view we need urgently to Brazil's Bank branch, Northeast Bank and Savings Bank deem one refashioned in what they call Customer Service. Not explained you spend 2 hours in a row, and also to watch the performance of some employees who take advantage of the presence of the public to make face and mouths pathetic representations of successful employees. These representations at least cause indignation of those witnesses, while pleads not conduct all but run mostly interns or contractors ... the population asks for help especially the elderly who suffer the most, enough another day terms registered the death of an elderly in the post office.



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Lovers, couples end ... The clientele looking motels in CITY, walking concerned with the quality requirement, security, discretion and to top it off with the presence of unemployed persons who are lurking at the entrance these eye places where in and out in order to have stories to tell. Go to one of those one will and resolve ... I do not know to shoot or some tapas in one of these unoccupied ... oh no time will tell you that poor child has no luck ... alias eita zeh povinhos to liking of other people's lives. .. as quality is necessary immediately also be rethought some items in the love point  


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