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13 de março... O dia em que o Senado se deparou com a Batalha do Jenipapo

Foge Homem, que, heroicamente, foi levado pelo prefeito de Campo Maior até o mais alto posto político do Brasil.

Today was a different day in Brasilia - DF. The Senate and the House of Representatives often listened to her question, "March 13 ??" and "Battle of Jenipapo ... what does it mean?". The questions were arising reading issue # 7 of the field of history of newspaper Major, Flee man who heroically was led by the mayor of Campo Maior to the highest political office in Brazil. 

We all field-maiorenses, know well the political difficulties in recognizing the date March 13, 1823 at the national level. The March 13 is the actual date that represents the independence of Brazil. There was no war in Ypiranga, when the cry of independence was heard. There was no resistance and not scowling, everything was accepted peacefully. The confusion really happened was in northeastern Brazil, a region that Portugal intended to keep captive, as a colony. Not accepting more this situation, especially noting that much of Brazil was already independent, Oeiras, Parnaíba and Campo Maior decided to resist the Portuguese intentions, they were captained by Major Fidié. There was no war in Oeiras, or in Parnaíba. But in Campo Maior, the return of the Portuguese army, there was a great battle on the banks of river Jenipapo. In this bloody war, the only one in Brazil as a result of independence, many men fell dead. The army Fidié even victorious, was also shaken, and Campo Maior retains, to this day, the spoils of war Jenipapo as guns, rifles and other objects belonging to the Portuguese army.  

It was this story of bravery that the mayor Paulo Martins, flanked by Rep. Aluísio Martins and Gov. Wellington Dias, through the Flee Man newspaper articles reported the senators and deputies who were in their offices and in the hallways. The March 13, so important and yet so neglected, needs more people who hold on to defend it publicly, behind the scenes of Brazilian politics. The Regina Sousa senator was very impressed with the initiative of the mayor, and more with the bravery of Jenipapo heroes, demonstrated on 13 March. The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies to examine the issue and look at this day, nationally recognizing its historical importance for the independence of Brazil.


This text is more to thank the mayor Paulo Martins, who, given the opportunity of a trip to Brasilia to discuss issues related to the city, found in your schedule time to remember the heroes of Jenipapo and patriotic 13th March 1823. Paulo Martins has shown that values ​​our history, for the teaching of history and Geography Major Field is already being implemented in the classroom, which will make our students know their own history. Now, again, demonstrates his genuine interest in our history to lead the battle of jenipapo the center of political power in the country. This only shows that he is a committed manager to recognize and honor their war heroes. 

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