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Existe um manual certo para as mulheres?

Se vamos para a cama no primeiro encontro, somos fáceis. Se esperamos bastante tempo, somos frígidas.

When we read blogs or magazines varieties always find tips on how to become irresistible to men. In the family, there is always someone to tell us what we should do for a man to fall in love and want to stay with us. And manuals for men conquer women, where are they?


Who cares to tell and teach their children, nephews, younger and inexperienced friends to make a woman love him passionately and want to share her life with him? 

Love and life together are good and desired only by women? Only women are eager to find someone who loves and understands? Only women feel lonely and needy? Only women dream of starting a family?


While we are taught and guided to conquer men, no one will conquer anyone. Eager to please, we displease ourselves. Who is incomplete, does not please anyone. Lesson learned the hard way. Nobody misses who stands behind the others. I also do not mean that women should be selfish and bossy. Quite the opposite. I still think important that both parties are generous with each other. What can not happen is the annulment of a joy to the other party.


If we go to bed on the first date, we are easy. If waited quite a while, we are frigid. If we show love sex are sluts. If we staid we have no grace. If we do everything to please your partner, we are passive and without personality. If we impose our wills, we are authoritarian. If we want a child, scared. If you do not want, we are strange. If we are conceited, we fill the bag. If we are deprived, we are sloppy. If we are superficial, not blown away. If we are intense, exhausted partner.


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If we are beautiful, we are probably mitted. If we are ugly, we're probably desperate to have someone. If we are smart, we will work. If we are not so smart, we serve a laughingstock. Anyway, let's hear tips because one way or another we are doing the right or wrong thing. 


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