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ELEIÇÃO NO CAIÇARA: Ispo não descarta chance de disputar reeleição

“Vou reunir a diretoria, os conselheiros, os caiçarinos de bem para decidirmos".

Former President of Rascal Francisco Ispo - away from the North Lion command last Wednesday (13) after a court decision - not ruled out the possibility of trying to re-election in the election that must happen within 30 days. Ispo said it will meet your group and decide whether disputed election. 

"I will meet the directors, the directors, the caiçarinos well to decide. If we understand that we must go to the election we will go to the election, but it is not my intention. Be with me, with Jair with any caiçarino group we will contest the election, "said the former president. 

Ispo criticized the opposition group. According to him, the opposition headed by Dilson Trinity sold part of the land of Rascal's registered office and are detrimental to the club. The former president challenged a possible application Dilson. 

"He can not be a candidate. The statute says that only registered members can contest an election. He is not a partner and can not compete. But who dictates the rules is now the intervenor. If to this group (Dilson Trinity) harm the Caiçara I venture in the election. " 

Judge of the 2nd stick of Campo Maior, Julius Caesar de Menezes Garcez, through an injunction, dismissed the President of Rascal Francisco Ispo and called new elections for Northern Lion board. The decision on Wednesday (13/04) considered that the current president was elected illegally. 

After a lawsuit filed by Dilson Lis Trinity, the judge interpreted that there were irregularities in the process that elected Ispo for presidency of the club. In the decision, Judge Julius Caesar explains that the team's status - which changed the term of office from two to three years - has been modified on the same day of the meeting that elected Ispo.

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