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Começa a semana com as notícias da sociedade campomaiorense, com F. Roytan

O povo aqui gosta de trabalhar, até por que o tempo do coronelismo, voto de cabresto e de enrolar cidadão já passou.

***** EPA EPA ...

What's pre-candidate pseudo trying to get in any way in public life, especially in the central administration, not written ta ... They think that to go into public life is how to make labial or public tender of those who have out there full of swindles, but in fact it is so wanting to make easy money, as in the past, to buy apartment in Teresina, sightseeing at Disney, buy luxury cars, put the children to study out of state etc ... Gadfly so spoiled that despair and dream back even talk of full stomach and even the thief saying that Campo Maior is no longer fit to live bla bla bla. It has one of those who despair that has come up rehearsing house in city, but everyone knows that your stronger move in high circles by saying represent the people here. Take care of yourself! The people here like to work, even by the time of the colonels, voting halter and wrap citizen has passed.


If it's goat or kid, I do not care. Just know that these wet weather and good harvests, Homi and Muier like mermo and reap the good fruit that my Campo Maior be giving, after all I'm not bode to be afraid of rain I like mermo is ta in riba to ensure good fruit that my land me.

***** Gercina OR GERCINDA 

In fact no matter the phonetic sounds to pronounce the name of this great woman. Speaking of greatness she has an enviable profile in the region, Gercina Borges Carvalho health department in Our Lady of Nazareth, treasurer of the Board of Aldermen in Our Lady of Nazareth, managing director of the Field Regional Hospital Major and was also secretary of health in land the carnauba palm and deputy mayor and effective teacher ... so at the name, even with closed eyes believe: It is a woman, a mother, wife, girlfriend, proud of who is around ... Look Ellaaaaaaaa

***** THE most charming cyti

People if we choose among successful man, dynamic and envied of Campo Maior, are on the list the Fanco empresario the North Wing, Domingo Jose de Carvalho, Kleber manager SKIN, Marin, Doctor Leandro Passion, Doctor Everardo Leite Pereira, Judge Leandro Doctor, Agamemnon Soares ... Without a doubt the male is in this high talent mix, beauty, nature, and success.


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Lawyer Junior Milk, the Special Tok's mastery has given what to say when it comes to success and em'empreendedorismo the successful young lawyer starts to reap the good fruits with invocations made in the space created to meet the discerning taste of Campomaiorense society. But do not forget that behind it all and the Special tok Remedies Milk diva local cuisine. Just need you to know and see what I'm saying.


People by being a columnist does not mean I have to speak always bad or always connote unpleasant news ... Voces believe they spent all week charging me fight details and double crisis, night empresario Erisvaldo and his wife Alda. I think no one has to do with what happened between them, nor am I asessor'm not able to comment on the couple's life, like if fought by jealousy or betrayal broke all or fail to break if she was arrested or not. Happened, happened ... Now ... you have to couple here not to boot out their feelings and well married undo, taking revenge, like ... when they fight the husband out with your boyfriend or woman He says it will refer to Teresina when in fact go to Boys hunting in the shopping cities. Care who have straw tail does not go near fire


***** quickie

... It's always nice, we print professionals, be well received and recognized by the talented presenter Jardelson Silva in events held in the city he and a Gentleman ...


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