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Caiçara perde de 9 a 0 e cai para 2ª divisão do futebol piauiense

O Leão do Norte foi goleado por 9 a 0 pelo Parnahyba e caiu para a segundona.

In match valid for the sixth round of the 2nd round of Piauiense Championship on the afternoon of Saturday (16), in Scolari Stadium in Altos, the Caiçara suffered the worst defeat this edition of the competition and bid farewell to the 1st division of the State. The Lion of the North was thrashed by 9-0 by Parnahyba and fell to the "Second Division". 

Even a victory would not make the field team Greater escape the drop. In the penultimate round of the bout, the Lion sum only 9 points in general and does not reach over the third-placed Flamengo, which already accounts for 15 points. With the fall of alvirrubro, the State has known the two demoted - Cori-Sabbá and Caiçara. 

The Field Lion Greater return to the field in the final round on Sunday (1) to comply table before the peaks in Helvidius Nunes stadium in peaks at 17: h. 

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With the fall of the club, Campo Maior ceases to be representative in the elite of Piaui football. The Commercial dispute the Second Division and now joins the archrival.  

THE GAME - The Parnahyba did not take long to open the score before the Lion After 8 minutes of play, Ramon charged penalty and made ​​1 to 0. Who saw the initial stage of the match would not think the score was finished so elastic.. The Caiçara created, but left the field in the hope of balancing the network in the back of the range. 

However, it was the Shark who dominated the final step. After 3 minutes, Tiago Granja took keeper failure and expanded. Five minutes later Renan touches head and balance the network. Jessui charged penalty and made the room. After 23 minutes, Ramon kicked from inside the area and did. In the end, the Caiçara Parnahyba watched the play and suffered four goals in 10 minutes. Cassian and Idelvando each scored two goals. Final: Caiçara 0 x 9 Parnahyba. 



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