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Inveja e intrigas políticas com o parque, e metida a esperta que adora ganhar dinheiro fácil em Campo Maior

Veja as novas do F. Roytman. Tem inauguração badalada do Toque Especial, o calote do aluguel e muito mais

***** NOT THAT I MORO ...

Guys ... gasp ... here also has frill with imóveis..só that leased with illegal features. I'll tell you ... one lady boo smart and adooora win easily money and rented a house for me to open a project in the night ... there in space Valdir Strong .. beauty .. just that beyond the very high price the engraçadinha was plotting me a property of the city. Ie a public street ... and detail! In addition to the illegal practice ... I still pushed her taxes and unpaid bills to pay and I in the end still took possession of the property ...



The case is already in the public ministry and the criminal court ... I only wish that I was injured .. the prosecutor considers the act a 'swindle "... the cute on top ..segundo I soube..é pre candidate for a seat in the town hall ... you thought .. will place everything that is public building and oh my ... well over the facts you will be aware of tudo..nem I live .. I want my money back.


*****BACK HOME..

We're back ... and all vapor..estive with some health limitations more'm already at 100% and with a desire to write damn vice ... why not come to have ... it happened here ... turns machete..podem scream .. olhaaaa eleee..aos our ..vocês internet can contact the number 99458 2824 ... and we lá..sem afraid to be happy.



Olha..pra who is a lover of good food and has a refined taste and like to have the table which is good ... then you start to have a date with the new home of flavors and delights of I'm talking about the Touch Special Events, which on Friday reopened its snacks space in style. Incidentally, Dona Remedios Milk it dispenses up comments ... it is an accomplished hand gastronomy fairy and will certainly give a better flavor to your life in frequency to Opening especial..A touch snacks space happened on Friday fair and the new venture intends to run from Wednesday to snack.



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So you can see what's jealousy and that it is able to do and the talent that has some people have to mount intrigues or play the name of the people in lama..e all this only for political reasons and envy had not. .now are seeing things happen and are dying or bite costas..Gente tried to make the most hell with the installation park in Valdir event plaza Strong .. the square .. Lula tried to put public opinion count installation ... but the leaps and bounds the secretary of culture of the city did not stop and installed the park ... and the result ta aí..uma beautiful illuminated square .. providing fun Campomaiorense family and children in particular .. .queriam what .. and ignorance is such that do not come to reason ... square has this purpose yes ... does this ... enjoy going there too .. the local administration does not have the individualistic behavior of some people not the square is the people for the people ... learn ..isso is also management model.


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