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Torcedores organizam manifestação para pedir saída de Ispo do Caiçara

A manifestação que deve provocar danos (ou benefícios) ainda imprevisíveis.

Groups in social networks organized for the next day demonstration against the current board of Rascal. Allegations of administrative mismanagement and the stampede of most players surfaced tempers and gave rise to the manifesto calling for the Ispo output of the Lion command. 

The fall of Rascal to the second division of the State is inevitable. Wear the board suffers from the beginning of the year caused an even bigger fan discontent. If it happens, the manifestation that should cause damage (or benefits) still unpredictable. 


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President Francisco ISPO gave up taking the Caiçara of Piauiense Championship. The board finally opened dialogue with players and coach Carlos Negretti and received them the guarantee of the "get" to the end of the competition. No salary from the beginning of the year, athletes go through difficulties but decided to stay hoping to receive what is due him. 

After the hurricane passed through Caiçara earlier this week, the board now accounts for what's left for the team to follow in Piauiense. In all, 12 players left the Lion. For the remainder of the race there were only 14.

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Besides the salary delay, athletes denounce lack of adequate food, lack of structure in the House of Sport, lack of material for games. In training, lack even water. The technical committee is summarized to coach Carlos Negretti holding the trainer function. 


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