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EXCLUSIVO: Diretoria vai retirar Caiçara do Piauiense nesta terça (5)

O motivo é a debandada de grande parte do elenco devido ao atraso salarial.

The Caiçara team must leave the Piauiense Championship on Tuesday (5). The board of Campo Maior club has a meeting with the president of Piaui Football Federation (FFP), Cesarino Oliveira, which is expected to announce the withdrawal of the State. 

The Blog has learned that the reason is the stampede of much of the cast due to wage arrears. On Monday, eight players have left the Lion of the North, while others are passages taken for the next days. 

The cast gets no salary since the work started at the beginning of the year. poor diet, lack of material in practices and games, lack of structure in the Athlete of the House and lack of dialogue between management and coaching staff are among the main claims of the players to leave the team. 

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The board stated that the responsibility of the payment of wages is the businessmen who signed a contract with the team to manage the football department of the club. The board also denies lack of power and structure at headquarters. 

At the meeting with the FFP, President Francisco Ispo must present the situation of the club and ask for withdrawal. The Federation on the other hand must have a shortcut to avoid the output of the Lion of Campo Maior. 

The regulation of Piauiense Championships and Competitions General Regulation of FFP provides for case withdrawal penalty of R $ 50,000 and suspension of two years of competitions. 

The Lion added five points in the 1st round of Piauiense. In this second round are already two games and two defeats. The club is the last place in the standings. 



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