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Procissão com encontro de imagens abre festejos de Jatobá do Piauí. FOTOS

A festa segue até o dia 27 de novembro. No próximo sábado tem a festa do vaqueiro, com um grande público na cidade.

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With the meeting of the eight communities patron pictures of the Virgin of light procession of Grace and Pilgrim Image of Our Lady of Grace, Jatoba patron saint of Piaui. The party will continue until November 27.


The procession started from the couple's home Quincas and Mary and went into the courtyard of the church, accompanied by many faithful, by Monsignor Paul Matthew, the mayor Dalberto Rocha and Councilman, Chichico Puba. In front of the church was raised up the flagpole, there was fireworks and then the inauguration of the celebrative space, which will happen novenas and auctions.


Father Jerome, the local parish priest, thanked the participation of all and emphasized that miracles happen now, referring to the work of space. "There was only bush" he said.


The mayor Dalberto Rocha said the city got the social part and said that next Saturday is the cowboy party, with programming all day, starting with a breakfast to cowboys, horseback riding, Mass, community lunch, caught the ox in miote, vaquejada and popular festival with Forro Movement.



Mediatrix of Peace (Sambaíba), San Francisco (Tamarindo and Ipueira), St. John the Baptist (Morada Nova), Santa Luza (Andres) St. Joseph (who would say) Our Lady of Remedios and San Jose (Banana) and Our Lady of Aparecida (Riacho ).


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