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Grupo Alegria de Viver de Jatobá do Piauí ganha viagem ao litoral. FOTOS!

Para muitos idosos foi a primeira vez que visitaram o mar. O grupo foi acompanhado por profissionais do CRAS

The Jatoba Prefecture of Piaui, through the social welfare office, offered a trip to Piaui coast to the elderly group "Joy of Living" in celebration of the hatred of the elderly. The trip was on Sunday (25/10) and 31 of the 65 registered were willing to go to the beach. The trip was accompanied by Mayor Dalberto Rock, welfare secretary Maria Luiza a Physical Educator a Nurse and Licensed Practical Nurse, Psychologist and two Social Worker of the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS).


 The elderly knew some sights of Parnaiba, where they took a breakfast, then went to the beach in Luis Correia, where they stretch before catching wave. For many it was the first time I met the sea. At noon lunch was served.

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Secretary Maria Luiza highlighted the activities they see being done with the elderly always aiming to basic social protection and universal access for all potential user population. "Our seniors always embrace our activities and established a true family. The service is to strengthen family ties, encourage socialization and community life. I think he loved it, "he said.


The mayor Dalberto Rocha highlighted the importance of social support staff and the group consolidated action of its management. "We try to meet all the people in all sectors, but this group is a source of pride for us and example of public policies for social inclusion in our management in social assistance" emphasized. Dalberto.


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