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Oficina Sebrae de Empreendedorismo acontece em Campo Maior até esta sexta (29)

O objetivo da oficina é apresentar aos empresários estratégias para expandir suas atividades, bem como para as pessoas que desejam investir no próprio negócio.

The Brazilian Support Service for Micro and Small Enterprises (Sebrae) in partnership with the City Hall of Campo Maior, held until this Friday (29/04) the Entrepreneurship Sebrae Workshop (OSE). The event is the exhibition and sale of products, lectures and strategies for microentrepreneurs. OSE happens at the Patronato Our Lady of Loudes from last Monday (25) always from 19h. 

The consultant and trainer Ciro Ito explained that the objective of the workshop is to present business strategies to expand its activities as well as for people who wish to invest in the business itself. According to him, the qualifying benefits the small business owner, the future entrepreneur and the city.  

"This event caters to lack of knowledge of those who intend to open a business or those already have a business and want to grow. We work skills inherent to entrepreneurial skills. If put into practice, entrepreneur will move to take better care of your business, generate more savings and more jobs, "he said.

The microentrepreneur Nívia Lustosa is one that bet in qualifying and participating in the workshop. With 12 years working in Campo Maior, she saw her venture bankrupt four times. Nívia explained that the lack of guidance and market knowledge were fundamental to aggravate the company's problems. The entrepreneur praised the event. 

"I have not had that opportunity when I started. I think for that reason I broke four times. If I had an OSE 10 years ago I would not have broken, I would not have made the same mistake twice. At first I thought it was saldável have stock company sign. Now I know I need a product and when to sell this one to restore it. Knowledge is worth more than money. Why with knowledge I can earn much more, "he said. 


The manager of Sebrae Care Unit, Francisco Netherlands, believes that one of the OSE results will be the emergence of new companies in Campo Maior. "We work the successful entrepreneur tools where from there you have the ability to make a business plan. From that wind will emerge new businesses in the city, these businesses more structured, "he said. 


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